Parents’ & Guardians’ Guide to Migraine in Children

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Children are amazing tiny creatures. They bring joy to their parents and the people around them, and their innocence and concept of fun and love are infectious. However, kids sometimes feel frustrated when they have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts and feelings, especially if it causes pain and discomfort. It becomes equally frustrating for their parents or guardians as they are usually clueless about how they can help. 

When kids complain about pain in their head area, it can bring panic and worry to the guardians, who can think something worse can happen.

Parents and guardians must know that migraines also happen in children, and there are signs to help them understand if a child is experiencing a migraine or if it's something else. A chiropractor for migraines in Decatur can also give you pointers on identifying and dealing with them when episodes start happening.

A child with migraine can be affected both physically and psychologically, which can interfere with their overall development. You can learn more about the available migraine signs to understand how children are affected physically and emotionally.


Does your child have migraine? Look for these signs

Look for these telling signs to easily spot if your child has migraine. Adults may experience the same symptoms, including throbbing and pulsing headaches, but children may find it difficult to identify them independently.

Poor concentration

With a short attention span and difficulty concentrating, they may be experiencing something that takes their focus away. Concentration issues may come with headaches too.


It is common for children with migraine to experience dizziness. Additionally, many adults also experience dizziness because of vestibular migraines, which affect a person's balance.


Enduring migraine symptoms such as severe headaches can use up a child's energy, so they may also show signs of fatigue or exhaustion.


When migraine's debilitating symptoms occur, it may be difficult for a child to fall asleep and eventually develop insomnia. When this happens, it can trigger a domino effect in terms of concentration problems, fatigue, and potentially, a mood disorder.

Anxiety and depression

When you notice signs of anxiety and depression in a child after complaining about migraine-related symptoms, you may already need to visit a chiropractor for migraines in Decatur to help manage and potentially eliminate your child's migraine. Migraines are neurological, so mood or mental health disorders can co-exist with it because they are all related to the brain's function. 

Sensory symptoms

Migraine can trigger heightened sensory sensitivity to stimuli in children. Pay attention when they show signs of being uncomfortable with loud sounds, strong smells, and even bright lights. Sometimes they exhibit signs of annoyance and pain from these stimuli. Their sense of taste and touch may also be affected.

Behavioral changes

If your child suddenly shows excessive and frequent irritability and moodiness beyond average, you may need to pay closer attention to them. Migraine can also make them feel suddenly sad or withdrawn. They may also show less interest in food or crave specific food despite a loss of appetite.


Natural Remedies for Migraines in Children

Before inundating your child with different medications or even resorting to invasive methods such as surgery to deal with migraine, exploring natural remedies sometimes prove to be sufficient in helping them overcome the pain and discomfort.

Parents and guardians can help children cope with the pain and discomfort of migraine in different ways, such as:

Keeping a migraine journal

This is proven to help determine and monitor personal migraine triggers, symptoms, durations, and other things you suspect are related to migraine.

Identifying migraine triggers

May involve stress, weather changes, food sensitivities, skipped meals, sleep patterns, hormone fluctuations, and sensory stimulation. Once you have identified your child's triggers, help them avoid the triggers if possible. 


Essential oils may help relax your child, calm them down, and soothe their discomfort from migraine symptoms. You can let your child choose what they like best among lavender, chamomile, rosemary, or peppermint, so it can add a little excitement knowing they chose the scent themselves.


You can offer to massage your child's migraine pressure points to relieve their discomfort.

Practice healthy sleeping habits

Unhealthy sleeping habits can make your child vulnerable to pain and discomfort and can trigger migraine episodes.

Warm or cool compress

Applying a warm or cool compress to the head area may reduce discomfort caused by migraine.

Chiropractic care

You can reach out to a chiropractor for migraines in Decatur to identify if a misalignment in any of the vertebrae in your child's spine is primarily causing the migraine episodes.


How can a chiropractor for migraines in Decatur help children?

There are many cases of misalignments in the spine that lead to migraines, and children are not an exemption. Fortunately, Specific Chiropractic care is generally safe for children and adults alike. A misalignment in the bones of the spine can contribute to limited blood flow to the brain, a huge factor in the development of migraines.

A misalignment in the vertebrae can be adjusted and corrected only by a certified chiropractor to ensure the whole procedure is safe, gentle, and suitable to fit your child's needs. If your child has been experiencing recurring migraine episodes, perhaps Specific Chiropractic is what they need.

You can check out our website to know more about us and book your consultation schedule with Stephanie O'Brien D.C. Let your child enjoy each moment of being a child by putting an end to their pain and suffering caused by migraine. Call Chiropractic for Everybody today!


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