Chiropractic For Everybody in Decatur

On your first appointment, we will consult with you about your health history, your goals and expectations and the service we provide.

When you choose to go further then we will perform a Chiropractic assessment and x-rays to determine your specific condition and subluxation patterns.

We make every effort to provide some relief for your discomfort initially, however; we must take the time to review your x-rays and analyze them before you will receive a complete adjustment. You will receive an adjustment on your next visit.

You will then be scheduled to attend “The Big Reveal” which is an appointment you deserve to explain your care in more detail and our concerns about your condition. This is scheduled within the first week of care.


As a Chiropractor I know you will be:

  • Healthier
  • More creative
  • More fun to be around
  • Sleep better
  • Eat better
  • Have a better attitude
  • Smell better
  • Sing better
  • Dance better

Let me work with what is right with you and help turn your concerns into a thing of the past!

Begin Healing Your Body With Gentle Spinal Adjustments Today!

Specific Chiropractic care shows immense potential as a healthcare option. Evidence on its efficacy continues to pile up, so you can be confident of seeing positive improvements in your health and general well-being after receiving the adjustments.

Start seeking healing and better health with specific Chiropractic today with Dr. Stephanie.
You may reach us at (404) 370-8050 or for questions about the technique