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Get Specific Chiropractic Care From a Reputable Chiropractor in Decatur

Dr. Stephanie O'Brien is a reputable Decatur chiropractor practicing at Chiropractic for Everybody. With over 30 years of experience, she has been helping people patients manage different health conditions since 1990 through Specific Chiropractic care. 

Our office is walking distance from Glenlake park and will only take about 12 minutes via Church St. It's a short 5 to 6-minute drive from Decatur Highschool via Church Street. If you're coming from the side of Westchester Elementary School, it will only take three minutes if you pass by US-29 N/US-78 E/Scott Blvd, Willow Ln, and Church St. It's an 8-minute drive from Emory University via the N Decatur Rd.

Chiropractic for Everybody is a short walk away from Emory Hospital and is surrounded by parks, commercial establishments, and schools. We also help patients in need of Specific Chiropractic care from nearby areas, including:

  • Atlanta
  • North Decatur
  • Druid Hills
  • North Druid Hills
  • Belvedere Park
  • Candler-McAfee
  • Panthersville
  • Constitution
  • Snapfinger
  • Redan
  • Stone Mountain
  • Clarkston
  • Tucker 
  • Embry Hills
  • Brookhaven
  • Doraville
Chiropractic for Everybody is just a short 6-minute drive from Decatur City Hall. Patients needing Specific Chiropractic care may visit Dr. O'Brien, a well-respected Decatur chiropractor bearing over three decades of chiropractic experience.

Try Specific Chiropractic in Decatur

Dr. Stephanie O'Brien, the trusted Decatur chiropractor of Chiropractic for Everybody, employs Specific Chiropractic techniques, including Thompson, Pierce, BGI, and Instrument. For the past three decades, she has been using a combination of many techniques that effectively correct spinal subluxations. Expect to experience outstanding chiropractic services when you visit our office.

Review of your health history before any adjustment

You will undergo a series of tests and procedures first before you get an adjustment. Doing so allows Dr. Stephanie O'Brien to learn about your health history related to your pressing health concern. This is also where we learn about your health goals and expectations and how we can help you through our services.

X-ray imaging for spinal screening

Since we deal with vertebral subluxation or misalignment, we order x-ray images to help us gauge your specific needs and plan your proper care accordingly. The images will also give us a clearer picture of how we should approach your condition.

Detailed chiropractic care plan

After learning about your health history supported by x-ray images, we will explain the course of care we recommend for you and provide more details. We will also give you an opportunity to bring up all your concerns and questions before we proceed to adjustments. We want to make sure you are involved and at ease every step of the way.

Customized adjustments

After a series of tests and careful planning, we will begin the recommended adjustments based on your needs. Rest assured that every manipulation we make is tailored to match your needs and address your condition.

Make your pain and symptoms be things of the past. Visit Chiropractic for Everybody today to get lasting relief. Call us today!

How Can Specific Chiropractic Care in Decatur Help

Chiropractic for Everybody guarantees gentle, precise, and effective adjustments to help manage your symptoms and avoid recurring attacks. Every manipulation and adjustment aims to correct the alignment of your spine to help your body heal naturally. Your body is capable of healing itself, and the Specific Chiropractic care we provide is specifically designed to help restore your body's own ability to heal.

Patients in need of lasting relief from the following conditions can get help by consulting with our Decatur chiropractor

  • Low back pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Migraine
  • Neck pain

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Get rid of your health problems. If you live in Decatur, Atlanta, North Decatur, Druid Hills, North Druid Hills, Belvedere Park, Candler-McAfee, Panthersville, Constitution, Snapfinger, Redan, Stone Mountain, Clarkston, Tucker, Embry Hills, Brookhaven, Doraville, you are within minutes of receiving world-class chiropractic care from Chiropractic for Everybody and Dr. Stephanie O'Brien.

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